#DrakesDrawing Winter 2018!


Our goblins have been collecting goodies from all over the kingdom, and we’ve found a bunch of stuff that was actually cool! (Not that Gorignak’s shiny buttons aren’t cool, but… whatever.) This quarter’s theme is “the Rainbow Sheep of the Family” in honor of all of our LGBTQ+ folks who get to deal with all of that nonsense every holiday with family who might not understand you… or your cosplay. The giveaway includes a Funko Pop! of the Grinch from the newest Grinch movie, a rainbow pride love coffee mug from MaryEllisNewYork on Etsy, a set of rainbow tabletop gaming dice (so you can bring your fabulousness to the gaming table, too!), a copy of DC’s new Snagglepuss Chronicles: Exit Stage Left (IT’S SO GOOD, MY LITTLE GOBBIES), a print from DidymusCo of lyrics to “The Rainbow Connection” by the Carpenters, a pride flag pin from KharismasKreations, a year’s subscription to Blake’s Dungeon Quarterly Magazine (in the form of one of our fancy new gift certificates!), a fantastic decal sticker of our Terrifying Tyrant, Blake the Drake, and one of our “Favorite Color” Rainbow flag shirts. Hey, Who Holiday! How cool is that?!

To enter, you can sign up here, on our website, or on our Facebook page!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

~Camarius, Head Coding Sorceror


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