Free Comic Book Day 2022

It’s that time of year again, friends! Our intrepid resident dragon was up questionably early this morning (he does know the first shop doesn’t open until 10a, right?) and hit THREE different comic shops to collect an impressive haul that MAY OR MAY NOT be included in the next #DrakesDrawing…

Stop #1: Legacy Comics, Glendale, CA

Back when I worked in Glendale, I was delighted to find this place around the corner (they have iZombie?! And a whole bookshelf of Duckberg comics?!) and always love an excuse to come by. As always, the folks over there are LOVELY, and I talked quite a bit with Alexis from the shop about hopefully future endeavors… I’ll post more about that as I can.

As always, these fine folks were hosting an entire shop and a generous assortment of comics as well as two very lovely ladies sharing their own free comics featuring cover art of their cosplays (See the last pic in this slideshow!) and were even so generous as to sign them for me! Hopefully, we can get them into the magazine at some point!

Stop #2: Emerald Knights Comics & Games, Burbank, CA

Emerald Knights is another local favorite! Don’t let the nondescript storefront trick you — the inside of this place is a bright and open haven of geekery and gaming! With everything from tabletop figs and card games to boxes and boxes of comics to pour through, you will be hard-pressed to leave without a big smile and maybe a few new favorites. The staff here are always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and can help you find just about anything you need in the shop! They had a ton of titles I didn’t see at Legacy, but it’s entirely likely a bunch of these are from last year, heh. Still! Free comics are always welcome!

Stop #3: The Perky Nerd, Burbank, CA

I know, I know. I’m greedy, trying to go to three shops in one day. But I can’t help myself! The Perky Nerd is a fantastic little shop, more gift shop than a comic book depot, but no less AMAZING and worthy of a shout-out. Their displays are constantly rotating, with curated picks and specials varying from a fan artist’s portfolio to the latest Batman graphic novel. I absolutely drooled over a copy of Batman: Damned — the 2019 reunion of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo, the team behind the Nolan-era JOKER (my most favorite Joker story ever, don’t @ me) and Christmas Carol-inspired Noël — here when it first came out. Today it was an impressive display of collectible FUNKO Pop!s, including a Freddie Mercury doll that was veeeeeeery tempting. They also hosted the Avengers Initiative cosplay crew, in anticipation of the newly-released Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness!

…All in all, an IMPRESSIVE haul!!! I have no idea when I’m going to sit and read all of these comics, heh. But more likely, I’ll put a bunch of these in the next Drake’s Drawing!!! So make sure you’re following us on Patreon or here for updates!

~Camarius, Head Sorceror


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