Spring 2018: Printing Updates!!!

So, as I’ve said before, Dragonkeeper+ Patrons and giveaways and subscribers are in our first round of printing (and those have already been printed, arrived, and shipped back out!) and I’ve put in an order for a second round of printing for after-the-fact subscribers, late Patrons, and free copies for contributors and goblins. I’m sending them a request for expedited shipping, because for some reason they weren’t giving me the option off-hand, but I’m working on it. Because I really hate waiting a month for these, and I’m sure you do, too.

Updates on that as they come!

I’m also EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that we have our FIRST!!! official subscriber!!! That means not someone who is already a repeated contributor/Patron/angel, but a legitimate subscriber! I know, I probably shouldn’t boast that we haven’t had one yet before now, but it’s a landmark that I think is worth mentioning anyway. Imagine my delight when I opened up Weebly today and found almost $100 of sales in my shop, boy howdy!

Things like this are what keep this thing going. I just need a dozen and a half of those, I think, and maybe we’ll be sitting pretty…


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