BDQM Needs Your Help!

So… Real talk. We have already started editing for our 6th issue of Blake’s Dungeon Quarterly Magazine, and we have yet to sell a single copy to anyone who wasn’t already personally involved in the magazine. Our resident dragon is robbing Peter to pay Paul and get out of production hell, get gear for our #DrakesDrawing giveaways, issues printed for promotional subscriptions and Patrons…

We’re at that stage where the next step is going to conventions, having issues printed for in-shop sales at a local book store, shipping out shirts and free copies to goblins around the country, and all of that is coming out of pockets that are shallow enough ad is. We need help. We need patrons, we need subscribers, and we need advertisers. We need business. We are getting no sales, and therefore no profits. Our resident dragon is perpetually cannibalizing just to keep from being homeless, and we need help.

In an attempt to try and make this work, we’ve given the shop an overhaul and repriced the magazines to only $17.99 an issue for a physical copy, and $7.99 for a digital one. That’s half the price it was. It’s only barely going to cover the cost of printing, and another $5 for shipping. Year’s subscriptions are going to be $75, which is almost 4 issues for the cost of 3. We need help.

Please please please subscribe! If this doesn’t pick up soon, I’m going to have to give up, and I really don’t want to lose this. It has a lot of promise, but I just can’t do this on my own. I need help. Please.

Get your copy at or sign up to be a Patron at If you want to advertise with us, please email us at

~Blake the Drake

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