Excitement and Progress!!!

So… WOW. Lots of things are happening.

Firstly, cave transitioning is going alright. We have new cave established, spinning wheel is up, a solitary bookshelf to keep all the paperwork and magazines and #DrakesDrawing giveaways somewhat orderly, and even the beginnings of a DESK for productive work… Eventually. The Royal Hound is a very needy bugger, however, so we’re holding out for a butterfly chair so that our head editor can work and still appease the beast’s need to be in a lap while he’s working. You know. Pet parent things.


  • we’re going to Anime Expo 2018 in July!
  • printing delays… still.
  • tabletop reviews and International Tabletop Day on the 28th!
  • new shirts and gear for sale in the shop!
  • more swag goals forthcoming!




We are proud to announce our FIRST approved press credentials! The Drake has a pair of goblins out in Burbank that need some serious first-hand supervising, and so we applied to the Anime Expo on a whim for press credentials. We’ve applied to other cons in the past and not had any luck, but when they said “do you do Japanese culture?” we pulled out our fall issue magazine cover and went, “BOY DO I!!!”

…You know you love some kawaii!Hanzo. LOOK AT THAT SAKURA.

The con is the weekend of July 4th, BUT WE HAVE A SMALL PROBLEM. Our resident dragon has not much in the way of day jobs, and a plane ticket there and back is almost a month’s rent (granted we have cheap rent, but still) and we are anxious about having the money to make the trip. SO WE ARE ASKING THE GOBLINS FOR HELP!

If you have some gold you can donate to the cause, please go to GoFundMe.com/BlakesDungeon and help us out!

We also always encourage you to check the shop for our geeky tees and subscribe to the magazine! These books are not cheap to print, and the sales we get are only quarterly, so they don’t really help in the off months to pay bills (like our shop upkeep expenses and giveaway purchases and sweepstakes winners’ printings…) and we are still almost constantly in the red, and I’m forever emptying very shallow pockets to keep the Drake from eating me. Heck, I owe him $100 right now to get all my giveaway and Patron issues printed, as soon as Ka-Blam gets finished with my FIRST order, which I put in like… A month ago. (Usually, they have a two-week turnaround, and yet it’s been a month and they’re not even shipped, I don’t know what’s going on over there.) The only thing that keeps me from pestering them is that I just don’t have the money to buy more printing even if I wanted to. It’s a convenient excuse. But only a couple of those are Patron issues! I also have my giveaway subs, goblins to take care of, office stock for gifting to people to make friends… Eurgh. Having patronage would be a huge help! But we’re still starting out, and I have yet to make a sale from someone that wasn’t personally involved with the magazine in some way.

It’s frustrating. WE’LL GET THERE, but it’s frustrating.


Tabletop Reviews Are Coming!!!


As you’ll recall, we’re pretty big into Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPGS. I mean, we’re not subtle about it. We have a dragon and a “Dungeon” in our logo. We have already done some game reviews in the past, and now we’re starting to get indie game designers to SEND US THEIR GAMES, which is one of our goals in this project, so… YAY!!! Our new move has us headquartered in Coventry, which is right down the road from Critical Hit Games on Cedar Rd. I’m sending e-mails at the moment, but the goal is to get a partnership going and get some open game nights started. Right now, we have TWO cool new games in hand to get tested, both based in the mechanics of D&D 5th Edition.


Liberty: A.F.T.E.R. is a sci-fi setting based on the Liberty podcasts, which have inspired the tabletop game, and then in turn… another podcast. Art is awesome like that. You can learn more about the Liberty Endures franchise here, and get your own copy of the game here. Try it with your players, and let us know what you think!


…Also, I don’t even have words for how absolutely amazing this game looks. It reminds me a lot of Party Hard, if you saw that one on Steam. It’s a retro 80’s arcade feel, and it’s an aesthetic that just makes me happy. This one is full of all kinds of delightfully outrageous character classes and archetypes, and I am really really excited to go through the source material on this one. This one will be having a Kickstarter on April 10th, but you can sign up for the newsletter and see some of this gorgeous art content on their website here.

International Tabletop Day is April 28th!

This is an admittedly small thing, started by Geek & Sundry, but it’s an event I whole-heartedly support, and ideally, we will get some kind of event planned for it. Are you lot doing anything fun for ITTD? Tell us! We’d love to hear from you.


New shirts in the shop!!!

We are ALWAYS working on new shirts and goodies for you folks, and right now we have a whole suite of LGBTQ+ pride shirts (from gay to trans to aro and pansexual…), as well as a new Blake the Drake shirt and a few others. If our shop ever goes down, you can also find most of these designs ALSO at Blake’s Etsy Shop, as well as some dice bags and a few other nerdy things that he likes to make over there. We encourage you to support the shop because… Well, quite frankly, this shop isn’t free to run. We need your support to keep this thing going. We REALLY LIKE DOING THIS and would like to do more! Things like:

  • “Health Potion” dice gifts
  • #NaNoWriMo care packages
  • comic writer’s starter kit
  • art prints
  • subscription care packages

…you know. Stuff and things. We need to pay printing costs, get #DrakesDrawing giveaway goodies, pay our Dropbox and website maintenance fees, save up for conventions, fulfill sweepstakes subscription orders, outfit new goblins, commission art to make everything look better, run local events, compensate our playtesters and writers and get issues sent to local gaming shops. All of it requires funding, and we need Patrons and subscribers and shoppers like you to give us some love and help us make this thing.

So sign up for the newsletter, if you haven’t already. Subscribe to the magazine, grab a digital copy, snag a t-shirt, sign up to follow us on Patreon, please. A magazine is nothing without readers. We want to make this big and beautiful and showcase all kinds of wonderful nerds, but we can’t do that if we can’t keep the ball rolling. If you know anyone who would dig the heck out of what we’re doing, please. Boost us. Get the word out! Buy a copy of the BDQM for a friend who would appreciate it.

~Blake the Drake
Resident Dragon & Goblin Wrangler

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