Winter 2017 #DrakesDrawing!

…As you can tell by the title, this is hella late, but I have excuses and reasons and things that I won’t bother waste your time with. SO HAVE SOME PICTURES!!!

Our Winter #DrakesDrawing giveaway winner was our own Resident Bard, Raz! Blessedly, I was on the way to spend the day to play some tabletop with her and our previous Game Review contributor, Dustin, so I just took the box with me and delivered it in person.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“I feel like a winner!” she says, cuddling her Jareth Pop! doll. She especially loved the pet tribble! And let’s be real, it was less a Labyrinth-themed loot box as it was a Jareth-themed loot box. This box included a Jareth Funko Pop Doll, custom jewelry from Urthwerks, a mug from Fantasy Island on Etsy,  artwork by Flying Frog Illustrations, a hand-made crochet die bag from Blake’s Knerdy Knits, loose leaf teas from Dryad Teas, buttons from DizzyBeeButtons on Etsy, a tribble I found on sale at the grocery store (BETTER YOUR PROBLEM THAN MINE), and of course a year’s subscription to Blake’s Dungeon Quarterly Magazine.

Pretty cool, right?! We also had a Valentine’s Box go out this week to a lucky winner, so pics when those come in!

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