So… I just did a thing I think is pretty cool. If you go to the website now, under ‘Affiliates’ there is a submenu entitled ‘Charities’. It is exactly what you think it is: a list of charities that I, personally, think are really cool and also happen to be pretty geeky. The two have a correlation.

Each of these have a special part in my soul. As a big Disney kid and a former clown myself, the Make*A*Wish Foundation has always been a favorite. As a (Camp Envy) Burner, Burner Without Borders kind of goes without mentioning, but I mention it anyway. But the two that really really really get into my heartstrings are Take This and Operation Supply Drop.

Take This is a reference to Legend of Zelda: “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.” In fact, in their fundraiser, they even gave out little tokens with Master Sword icons on it, and not only did I really love the reference, I love the meaning behind it. This is a mental health charity, specifically one that uses the gaming community as a support group. I found out about it through Critical Role, and I learned about OSD that way, too. Operation Supply Drop is Travis Willingham’s charity of choice, and it also focuses on gaming, but as therapy for our soldiers and veterans, and they also send care packages and game systems to our brave men and women who are fighting abroad for a little bit of… Creature comforts. As a Navy brat myself, I remember my dad ‘stealing’ our PS2 before he left for long voyages, as well as the Sega Genesis he gifted us for Christmas that someone had left in birthing and never reclaimed. It wasn’t just video games, it was movies and whatever else he needed it to be, and I now that back in those days, it was a godsend. Now, when an XBOX can hook up movies and music and Spotify and Twitch and a whole lot else, I know that our soldiers feel a big difference with those fun boxes being in the rec room. Like, even just getting the link together to add them to the list, I got myself all choked up.

My dad managed to retire after 20 years, but I still can’t watch a military funeral or listen to “God Bless The USA” without crying. I remember coming home on 9/11 and my mom telling me that my dad’s ship wasn’t going to be home in two weeks, because he had to sail to New York. I remember getting letters with Turkish millions and my brother and I thought we were hot shit. I remember short-lived phone calls and e-mails and care packages, and I know that it has to be even harder to be on the other side.

So… I mean. 501st is cool, they dress up like Storm Troopers. *sniffs* You ah… You got any other cool geeky/gamer charities you like to support? Go check out my list, and if you can, give them your support, they’ve earned it. I’m gonna… Go cry in a corner.

~Blake the Drake
Resident Wuss & Military Brat

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