Website Modifications

Sooo… A quick list of things I worked on today, for any of you who are interested:

  • modified the banners from the 5000×5000 (albeit gorgeous) pictures I had previously and made some that are smaller — smaller pics, less formatting time, should make for faster load time on the website.
  • took suggestion from one goblin to include digital copies with the physical ones so that you can read ahead! Makes it seem like less of a trouble. Thing is, I don’t know if Weebly’s store will still ask you for a shipping address for a digital item (and I can’t add downloads to a physical item…) so this will need more testing.
  • made sure that the old blog is no longer linked on the website, but rather goes to the NEW blog (this one). I also want to get my blogs more visually enticing, but we’ll work on that as we can.
  • I’ve added a new coupon code for the Digital copies of Winter issue, and posted it on Patreon for our Hobgoblin+ Patrons to encourage people to get things direct from the website, and not just via Patreon.
  • adjusted pricing for the physical copies to $29.99/issue, with a year subscription being $119.95 — mind you, there’s still the Christmas sale on right now, for $95/year that you can still take advantage of! Patreon DragonKnight+ Patrons will still get their physical copies at the $25 mark, so it’s still the best deal (outside of the Christmas sale which is, admittedly, only a $5 savings, so… Not a big difference).
  • added a return policy and shipping policy to the shop
  • designed a ‘completed purchase’ email for the shop
  • finished the first campaign of Critical Role finally
  • some editing for Pocket Full of Stars chapter 8
  • ate 5 goblins and a 32 oz bottle of cran apple juice

….So you know. Productive and shit.

~Blake the Drake
Resident Dragon & Website Engineer

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