To Recap

Sooo… Hmph. What should I even say about Fall issue? I mean… It happened. But god, with the move and the no-moneys, and then suddenly a job that sucked up all of my life (BUT MONEY!!!) I was kind of… Working my ass off there for a while. There was almost no hooplah for it, but for the people I was talking to to get it done, because I just couldn’t afford to advertise. But I have set up a MailChimp account now (huzzah for newsletters!), and it was published, like… Two weeks late.

*sighs* Yeah. I didn’t really want to talk about it.

BUT, it happened. It was finished, and I just finished our Winter issue last week. It ended up only a day or two late (and really, that was because HOLY CRAP, I HAD A PROOFER TO EDIT THINGS!!!) and I had to get things redone and reset and etc., before I could pull it all together, and numbering was like… mind-numbing and took way longer than it should have. And then I spent another three or four days trying to reformat the thing, only to realise that Calibre just didn’t want to because it was TOO BIG. Eurgh.

This issue was 106 pages, you guys. And Fall was like… 96 or so.


…The Fall issue had a touch of a horror theme to it, and really, it’s a wonderful issue in its own right, and you should check it out (you can get back-issues on the website now!), and our Winter issue features a lot of Stephen King, some gorgeous photography porn (like by now you know I love), a spread for Urthwerks, and a really cool blog called Go Big Emma that I found… on UpWork, weirdly enough. They liked the concept and got in touch and ended up in the magazine, ha!

The new editor is a real character, though, he’s a real treat, I greatly enjoy him. The crew at Urthwerks are all AMAZING, and we have our first officially outfitted GOBLIN let loose in the Southwest!

I introduce to you Goblin Xig! Our first OFFICIAL goblin, Xig often volunteers at local conventions, and I found this one loitering at a gun show at Wild Wild West Con. He boasted knowing lots of important type people in important type places (and that was enough to dissuade the Drake from devouring him on sight), but what’s more, he’s actually proven that he does know a few important type people, and is willing to skulk for nothing. Which is exactly what we need for our goblins.

Xig has already done a test run at Tucson Comic Con, and got us some fun pics!

…Including local steampunk personality Madame Askew and the absolutely LOVELY and gorgeous Holly and Wilson from Flying Frog Illustrations and C.Wilson Art, who volunteered their time and amazing art dojo for our first issue’s Dungeon Decor. And that was just with him wandering around and talking to his usual fellow cretins and a delivery on my behalf! IMAGINE the chaos and havoc he shall wreak now that he has back issues and an official shirt and custom cards… Sweet, juicy, goblin-brand chaos.

He has quite a lot riding on him as our first ambassador, but if he fails, the Drake will just eat him, so he’s properly motivated. This weekend he’s at TusCon, so if you are out in the area, you should go try to find him! He has a special quest, as promised, and exclusive loot!

…Oh, my. That shirt! It’s… awfully pretty. Prettier than that last design I shared, right?


Oh yeah. The fantastic and talented Jessica C. Feinberg of (aka the AZ Dragon Lady) did us the tremendous honor of reworking Blake’s original design into this jaw-dropping watercolor creation.

…ANYWAY. My Instagram feed is blowing up a little bit because, speak of the Devil, Xig is tagging me in things. I will have a full update on the weekend’s collection, but I wanted to check in and talk to you guys real quick.

I’ve moved the entire blog from Weebly to WordPress (eurgh… Weebly’s blog was AWFUL) and I’m looking to do some affiliate partnerships soon and get ahead of my printing needs and get enough income to support the website fees, AND MAKE THIS THING PAY FOR ITSELF!

And with a domain name comes independent advertising. YOSH!

Daydreaming about gold-filled swimming pools,
~Blake the Drake, Resident Dragon & Goblin Wrangler

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