Summer Issue Prints Just Arrived!


So, you guys will recall (if you are here and paying attention at all…) that this summer was… NOT THE BEST TIME to be Blake. Kind of destitute and struggling, so everything was really really REALLY TIGHT for a while there. I’m still not sure how I managed to stay hydrated for a month and a half, but I did it. In the meanwhile, Summer issue came and went, but I did not have the funds to get it printed. And then I moved, and now I live where I pay rent by playing groundskeeper, but don’t technically have any income. Then I got a pretty fun gig playing teacher’s assistant to MANDEMic, which I actually got paid for. And I spent a good third of that paycheck getting issues printed, so… YEAH. That’s a thing!

​And they just arrived today.


SHABLAM!!! Look at it!!! It’s BEAUTIFUL.

So… for those of you who ordered summer issues, they’re here, and they’re headed your way soon! I have something like $55 after everything from Patreon, which should hopefully get me some Fall Issues printed as well. So if you ordered a physical copy… They’re on their way soon! PROMISES.

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