The Beast From Below…

First of all, holy fuck, you guys. WE DID IT. WE DID A SECOND ISSUE!


When I first thought this thing up, I was a telemarketer selling magazines, and I figured this would be a kind of bullshit way to build a clientele and brand for the eventual Dungeon, and maybe 15 people would read it, but it would be a thing in progress and maybe some money on the side, why not? I have the… stubbornness to sit here and make it a thing, and at the time I was unemployed and living on a couch, so what else did I have to do, really? I threw the idea at you guys, and a few of you bit (HA HA HA, SUCKERS!!!) and then… something interesting happened.


Fellow monster and nerd Dale Mariero and his fam (who are amazing and wonderful, for the record) were doing the Wild Wild West Con at Old Tucson, something I’d never had a chance to go to before, BUT I DID, and I volunteered, and it was AWESOME. It was especially cool to be able to walk up to Cog Is Dead and say, “Hi! I’m Blake, with Blake’s Dungeon. We’re a [blah blah blah blah], could we do an interview?” I collected cards and after the con was over, I sent out e-mails, and yeah, a lot of them didn’t answer, BUT A BUNCH OF THEM DID! Our Artist Gallery (Brian Kesinger) and Anachronisms (Cog Is Dead) were from con, the writer for our Gamer Review was someone I met at the con, and HOLY CRAP, did Captain Sprocket set a high bar for you bastards on the photography front! I wrangled Joker’s Harley as my cover girl, and Holli (our Dung Heap Mudraker!) even got us an interview with TAMORA PIERCE, holy crap! Legit and shit!


I have actually approached people to be part of this thing AND THEY GET ALL EXCITED and they do interviews and send me ADS and things! It’s all very exciting. I even have people sending me swag for an ACTUAL Drake’s Drawing! Who knew, right? This issue came out to be a whopping 94 pages, compared to the 66 from the last issue, and OMG. It’s $11.51 a piece to print, by the way. *whimper* I made up an Instagram account, and a Tumblr as well, so I’ve got all of the big ones supported and connected and self-contained, SO THAT’S WONDERFUL. I also finished the shirt designs, so that I have those up for RedBubble, and I can get some custom titled ones for Ash-o-lee, my Dragon Lord.

Shirt Logo.png

Isn’t he beautiful? I did the title after Stranger Things, obviously, which is in turn inspired by the classic Dungeons & Dragons sets. You can follow the Swag tab to get a direct link to the thing! We’ll see if anything sells. In the meantime! I’m at over $100 in Patrons on the Dungeon Patreon! ISN’T THAT EXCITING?! It’s good, because damn, this is getting big — it needs to be able to pay for itself.

But anyway! Until next time, my little gobbies… I’ll likely eat you in the morning.

~Blake the Drake
Resident Dragon & Goblin Wrangler

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