Issue One Has Arrived!!!

I’m still between caves, so it’s a mess ordering things right now, but the first printing finally came in, after I traded one couch for half a queen bed. It came in yesterday, approximately two weeks after I ordered them. My reaction was something like this:


IT FINALLY CAME!!! And of course, the first thing I did was flip through it and find ALL THE TYPOS!!! My Editor’s Note is full of homophones, and half a page of it is printed in PURPLE for goodness sake!


…But I expected that. I’m editing solo, after all, and this was a bit rushed for a first try. STILL! The printing came out gorgeous, the photography beautiful (with the glaring exception of Dungeon Decor that was shot on my shitty Galaxy) and any glaring errors are entirely my own. And good god, are there so many…


Soooo many. But eventually I will go back through it with a fine tooth comb and edit it all out and pretend it was perfect, and no one else will know how completely fail-tastic it was except you people who were here early, and I’ll likely have killed you to destroy the evidence by then.


To be fair, I’m even thinking about getting the polished editions put into an annual collection (A trade back for a quarterly magazine??? Who does that?) Probably no one. But fuck it all, I’m going to give it a shot anyway. I appreciate you lot for indulging my batshit idea and trying to make this a thing as I just sit here and throw shit together.


You’re my very favourite kind of crazy people.

Best love and wishes,
~Blake the Drake
Resident Cock-Up & Bullshit Artiste

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