Issue One Is a Go!

Hey, guys! I know, this blog has been sitting here like a tease, right?

IN MY DEFENSE, I had it set up months ago, but every time I came in to post something, it just didn’t want to work with me. Part of being magick is that tech doesn’t like you – Harry Dresden problems, you might say. First of all, issue one was a ROUSING success!

coverConsidering I expected almost no one to buy it, because it was a first issue, I was delightfully surprised. We got $65 of patrons, including a Dragon Lord-level patron from a good friend of mine who is forth-with going to be doing some press work for me at E3 in June, which I’m VERY excited about. We sold a good half dozen e-copies, and another four physical copies! I didn’t expect to print ANY printed copies, but our cover girl wanted one (and was a patron for it!), our photographer wanted one, the Dragon Lord of course gets one, and my boyfriend ordered one, because he’s wonderful like that. And I’m ordering one for me, because obviously.

I had the pleasure of going to Wild Wild West Con weekend before last, and got some good contacts! We’ll see how many of them get back to me about interviews and articles, because I hope to make it wonderful. I’m working on a character reference sheet for Blake the Drake (our charming draconic mascot!) for commissioning more artwork for him, and once I get my new job squared away, I’ll be having my own cave to work out of, and we can get some business cards printed, and a start some t-shirts going for the press kits, and then put some up on sale!

And a lot of people have expressed interest in their own dragons, so… I may have to make some Drake ploosh or something. WE’LL SEE!

For now, just know that I love all of you. Please, like the Facebook page, share it with your friends, and become a patron! Every little bit of it makes a big difference, and it all goes right back into the magazine, promises. I even have a separate PayPal — and now even a card! — for this, so everything will be as self-contained as possible.

Next step is Summer Issue, and a big release at Phoenix Comic Con!

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